YOU in the Irrlicht Valley

YOU are bringing the light into the darkness. My new videomix for the Installation. Enjoy the shaky festival clip!


Visuals FIND ME at Burning Man 2019

I’m so honoured that my visual show FIND ME is part of the exhibition „VESSEL of LIGHT“ from Light Harvest Studio New York at Burning Man 2019. The outside of the pyramid is illuminated in custom projection art from 25 visual artists coming together from all over the globe – activating the 80′ tall (30m) PlayAlchemist Grand Pyramid.

To bring my trippy jungle visuals to the desert of Black Rock City was my biggest dream come true.

Here’s a clip of my jungle content FIND ME on the mapping of the 30m pyramid at PlayAlchemist

A clip of my VJ live set on the opening night. 5 visual wizzards, 6 computers, 3 projectors with 100.000 lumen, all connected on every level, playing together alongside with Parallells, Seth Schwarz and many more


The Hacked Mind – Multimedia Installation

The Hacked Mind is trying to blur the lines between art, spirituality, science and technology. It is a story that challenges and encourages the audience to go on an inner journey through image experience and conscioussness movement. This multimedia installation is pointing out inevitable challenges we will face on our life’s journey. It is a journey into inner space. It is an interplay of video and 3D-sound, light and smell. The Hacked Mind follows a seven chakra clearing method which is experienced internally through visualization. Here it is translated digitally into the outer space. From the inside to the outside. The sound follows the specific frequencies which are associated with specific chakras because we can physically feel each chakra when it is activated by its corresponding frequency. Harmonic resonance is the base of the soundtrack created for the heart of this installation, which the experimental film.

Installation at the Berlin Burn „Zum brennenden Bären“ 2019, Castle Beesenstedt